VA VIP (Winter Enrollment)

The VA VIP membership is a program designed for virtual assistant business owners who are seeking individualized training based on current online business trends along with strategies to use for yourself and your clients. It also includes group coaching where you can get tips and advise from a veteran virtual assistant business owner on anything related to your VA business. 

Your membership includes:

  • 2-60mins Group Coaching Calls on the 2nd and 4th Mondays
  • Slack Workspace for messaging and networking
  • Added BONUS: Live multi-week workshops quarterly!
  • PLUS ACCESS: 21 Day Upwork Challenge Guide

This program is being offered to you exclusively because you successfully participated and completed a six week workshop with Tiffany Parson.

Dear Current and Soon-To-Be Virtual Assistant Business Owner,

How frustrating is it to provide a service and only understand a small portion of what's going on?

Having the full picture of what a client is doing not only helps you complete the assigned task but also helps you add value as well.

There are clients who may want you to just do the work, however what about those who want more? The ones who value you as the knowledgeable business owner that you are.

The VA VIP membership program is a monthly program for business owners like yourself seeking to stay current on the latest technology and trends for digital marketing, while staying consistent with what's working for your own business. Each month you receive coaching and training to help you service your clients to the best of your ability as well as grow your business.

If you are starting, researching, or have been working your business for a number of years, the VA VIP membership program is for you.

Virtual Assistant VIP ProgramWorking directly with me is like no other. My approach is non-traditional.

The secret sauce includes the ability to look at a software system, understand how it can be used for clients and how you can get the most out of it in your own business. That's what I want to transfer to you.

I'll also help you get out of your head and into tangible ways to build your business and confidence. Although it is a group coaching, it is customize for your individual needs.

I believe in doing the work and also why the work is done, in the way it's done.

It's time to embrace the value that you can bring to clients when you understand them, their customers, their clients, and their systems in digital marketing. All while building your own business.

This membership program takes you from start to next level, learning a new skill for service and application each month.

Being a part of the VA VIP sets you apart from others because of your experience and full perspective as a result of what you're learning each month.

It will set you a part from other VA business owners because your client will not have to be concerned about training you. You come knowledgeable. You will come experienced, even if your only experience is what you have done for yourself.

This program is designed and created by someone who knows exactly what you're going through and living through it everyday in building my own virtual assistant business. After 13 years of working virtually, I've experienced a lot and look forward to sharing with you to help you grow and build your own business.

Are you ready to get started?

Each month, participate in our Group Coaching Q&A Calls! You can ask any questions related to your virtual assistant business. 

With the information you learn in the VA VIP membership program, you're ready to increase your business and profit!

How long is the term or is it month to month basis? The term is determined by you. Stay as long as you want. It is a monthly program.

How often does VA VIP meet? We meet live 2nd and 4th Monday evenings on Zoom.

Can you cancel at anytime? Yes, you can cancel from your members' area. You don't have to email us or anything.

We look forward to seeing you in VA VIP! JOIN US NOW!

CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: You may cancel your membership at any time, losing access to the training. Payments are refundable when the request is made within three days of payment. Otherwise, the training is non-refundable. For example, if you pay on Friday and request to be refunded on Sunday, you will be refunded. However if you pay on a Thursday and request a refund on Sunday, you will not be refunded for that month's payment.

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Webinar Support

Many of your clients’ media files will come from webinars. Imagine being able to not only offer Repurposing services, but Support services as well.

I hope you’re ready to do more than learn.
I hope you’re ready for some ACTION!!

Repurposing Audio

If Video is the hottest thing, audio is the hot thing!!

While many love being in front of the camera, others would rather not show their face. Audio gives you this option. Think of all the options for audio - teleseminars, conference calls, podcasts, and voice messaging. You may have even seen audio only videos,how about that? With all of this content being created, your clients can take one audio and use it in many different ways.

We’ll discuss it all in this training!! PLUS, you’ll get a chance to work with actual audio for our action items. I hope you’re ready 😊

Repurposing Videos

Video is the hottest thing right including pre-recorded and live videos. Think of all the options for going LIVE...Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Video is not slowing down anytime soon. With all of this content being created, your clients can take one video and use it in many different ways.

We’ll discuss it all in this training!! PLUS, you’ll get a chance to work with actual video for our action items. I hope you’re ready 😊

Membership Support and Facebook Group Management

Facebook groups are popping up left and right, who do you think manages all of that? We do!! In this training you’re going to learn all the ends and outs to offer it as a service to clients. 

Crafting Your Free Offer Using Keyword Research and More!

This training covers three things:

1) Affiliate Marketing

2) Keyword Research

3) Crafting your free offer

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